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Advantages of Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy against other products

Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy’s formula was scientifically developed during several years of intense investigations, which aimed to find out the exact proportions in which the body can assimilate all its ingredients. The goal was not only to discover the key substances (which is by itself a complicated task with which scientists dreamed for years) but also to find the exact proportions of such ingredients and combine them in a unique formula that can be fully incorporated by the body, because otherwise, if the proportions are not in the precise quantities that the body is able to use them, many ingredients get unused and the desired results are therefore not achieved.

All ingredients included in the formula, in their exact proportions, need the presence of the others and they improve their effect amongst themselves.

This formula has been patented in Europe and USA and only our authorized laboratories can produce it.



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