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What is Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy?

Frasco Cellular Therapy

Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy is and innovation in the world of nutraceuticals, developed by Swiss and North American scientists.

Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy has 27 active ingredients combined in a scientifically developed formula to be fully assimilated by the body, providing an rejuvenating and anti-aging effect.

Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy is a 30 day anti-aging treatment presented in individual drinkable vials. It is an absolutely natural treatment which has been studied for many years and which is currently being used in most of the spa clinics from Switzerland as an essential support for the regeneration and reestablishment of the normal chemical values of the human body.

This is the first anti aging system in the form of an oral supplement that contains Placenta, with high level of special proteins (placenta proteins), Collagen, Spirulina, Alpha Lipoic Acid, essential nutrients and amino acids, to help promote new cell growth and to rejuvenate and give strength and protection to the existing ones.

Until now, available treatments was about introducing to the organism “Stem Cells” like something revolutionary in order to rejuvenate tissues, because those Stem Cells are in effect, the responsible for cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Stem Cells are found naturally in the human being since birth, abd their production decreases enormously as time goes by, and the less production of those Stem Cells, the faster the aging process is. The big problem with all those Stem Cells treatments out there, is that those Stem Cells are extracted from animals like duck or sheep, which have no effect in human beings, because the can not bond to the human cells in order to give the renewing effect they was supposed to give, due to the enormous genetic differences between those animals and the human being.

What makes Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy the most revolutionary and advanced treatment in the modern world, is the fact that this formulation works in order to promote the production of own Stem Cells by the human organism, which are then used in 100% and immediately in all the necessary tissues, in order to regenerate cells, and give as a result the rejuvenating effect sought. Besides, due to its powerful antioxidant effect, it gives protection (to the old and new cells) against premature aging.

Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy works for the total body care, giving a younger and renewed sensation of yourself, and at the same time promoting a bright skin with a younger look.
Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy makes you younger and healthier from inside out.

Dr. Voronoff Cellular Therapy has been approved by different health regulation entities as a nutritional supplement with a wide spectrum of functions, but is mainly recognized for its effect of re-establishing the normal cellular metabolism values that the body looses as time goes by.

At present time, the most renowned swiss clinics specialized in cellular rejuvenation are using in their treatments Dr. Voronoff’s Cellular Therapy as the main component of their therapies. 



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